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Conveyor belts

Conveyor systems often have varying loads and high peak loads at starting or stalling. This causes excessive wear or elongation of the conveyor belt which as a result, a lot of maintenance and downtime. Long conveyor belts such as in ports or mining are hundreds of meters or even several kilometers long. In order to prevent a rack in the loaded start band, multiple actuators may be used. Fluid couplings are used, inter alia, in order to divide the driving power equal between the motors. The fluid coupling is used exclusively to mitigate the run electrically and mechanically. Each fluid coupling is combined with (a V-belt transmission or) a flexible coupling. The alignment of this is even more difficult if no fluid coupling because of the greater length of such a coupling combination.

Where normal misalignment though inevitable (given the size of the sector alignment, training other technologies, expertise, photographic equipment, -Studies), the vibrations are caused by the same flexible couplings on the end of a fluid coupling even greater. To a lesser degree can also be in a case of transportation systems that are used in the packaging industry or packet processing. The actuators must be perfectly aligned and balanced to additional but not to contribute to the many harmful vibrations. As a full-rate production line comes to a standstill, there is a very high starting currents when the tape is put back into operation. Here, it often happens that the fluid reaches such a high temperature in the couplings which escapes the liquid via the safety of the coupling. This may cause a dangerous situation for bystanders. It also involves high costs of cleaning of the immediate vicinity of the coupling, refilling and downtime along with it.

The contact-free magnetic coupling is an excellent alternative to (liquid) couplings in such systems, without all the disadvantageous properties as described above. Vibration and therefore sound, and damages are prevented to a significant extent. Unsafe situations by escaping hot oil are history. Shock loads are absorbed by the magnetic coupling and a "soft" start is guaranteed.

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