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Toolkits for Zytec Certified Partners

The following Zytec Academy Tool Kits are available to support certified Zytec partners. These tools are constantly updated and enhanced. Below you will find an overview. Certified Zytec Partners can download these files through their own platform at the Zytec Academy.

1. General & Sales

ZA-TK Introduction Zytec Standard EN
ZA-TK Introduction Zytec Quick EN
ZA-TK User Manual Demo Magnet NL
ZA-TK User Manual Demo Fan Skid NL
ZA-TK Business Cases Zytec EN
ZA-TK Business Case Presentation Example EN
ZA-TK Check List Business Case NL
ZA-TK Zytec Sales Practice NL
ZA-TK Explanation TCO subjects NL
ZA-TK Q&A Zytec Coupling NL
ZA-TK Energy potential & efficiency of the Magnetic Coupling EN
ZA-TK Subsidy NL
ZA-TK Customer Overview & Analysis EN
ZA-TK Sales First Customer Introduction Zytec EN
ZA-TK Check List Total Offering EN
ZA-TK Employee Profile NL Sales Engineer
ZA-TK Project Planning Format NL

2. Quick Scan

ZA-TK Intake Quick Scan NL
ZA-TK Quick Scan Asset Assessment Pump EN
​ZA-TK Quick Scan Asset Assessment Fan EN
​ZA-TK Quick Scan Asset Assessment Generator EN
ZA-TK Asset Assessment Overview EN
ZA-TK Quick Scan Overview Energy Savings EN

3. Application Engineering

ZA-TK Check List Technical Assessment EN
ZA-TK Calculation Pump Application Layouts EN
ZA-TK Zytec Coupling Selection Tables EN
ZA-TK Shaft Dimensions and Motor Data Guideline EN
ZA-TK Zytec Specification Report EN
ZA-TK Calculation Heat dissipation Zytec Coupling Constant Load Characteric EN
ZA-TK Calculation Heat dissipation Zytec Coupling Linear Load Characteric EN
ZA-TK Calculation Heat dissipation Zytec Coupling Square Load Characteric EN
ZA-TK Zytec Guarding Guideline EN
ZA-TK Speed Sensor Bracket EN
ZA-TK Zytec Risk Analysis NL
ZA-TK Baseline Measurement Guideline NL
ZA-TK Technical background and explanation
ZA-TK Employee Profile NL Application Engineer

4. Feasibility

ZA-TK TCO Calculation EN
ZA-TK Evaluation Spider Graph EN

5. Installation & Operation

ZA-TK Installation & Operating Manual F-TORQ & A-TORQ NL
ZA-TK Installation & Operating Manual F-TORQ & A-TORQ FR
ZA-TK Zytec Installation preparation checklist NL
ZA-TK Zytec Installation Checklist EN
ZA-TK Zytec Balancing Run Out Excentricity Guideline NL
ZA-TK Employee Profile NL Mechanic-Installer