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Industrial gas or diesel generators are often used for temporary energy supply. This is usually in fail situations of the regular supply of energy. It is therefore of great importance that the temporary power is reliable, so that processes or climate control also are available.

In the maritime sector generators are used in driveline and for the basic energy supply. Reliable systems may even be more vital in this sector. Or generators are applied to the land or on the water, the characteristic of these systems is that the connection between the motor and the generator has a high degree of mobility.  Alignment errors of the couplings can simply not be avoided.  This results in vibrations that can cause damage to all other components in the system. The magnetic coupling isolate the components and eliminates the vibrations. The contactless connection is the easy solution to achieve this. Vibrations by misalignment, torsional vibration, or other kind of vibrations are not passed on to other components in the system by applying a magnetic coupling. This will prevent downtime and reduce maintenance and repair. The reliability of the entire system will increase.

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