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Shock prevention

The contactless joining machines ensures that any shocks in the process (eg stones on a conveyor belt, or a stone in a pump) or are absorbed by with an external cause (eg driving, a jackhammer, explosion or an earthquake). The coupling is therefore not broken and the connected motor and pump, fan, compressor, generator or line either. The installation is therefore shock resistant and robust.

Different types of plants, which include conveyors, crushers, shredders, bucket elevators, mixers, etc have fluctuating load. These fluctuating load results in excessive shocks and vibrations through the entire plant. As a result rotating parts as bearings and seals get damaged. These shocks are transported throughout the total installation by the fixed coupling which are currently applied.

The contact-free magnetic coupling is a natural damping of shocks in such an installation. The shocks which arise from fluctuating load will be absort automatically by the contact-free magnetic coupling. This is solved by an asynchronic speed difference between the motor and load. All related components and parts are saved in the installation and protected against damage.

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