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Reduce Noise & Vibrations

All current fixed couplings have an aligment tollerance of 0.1 mm. By changes in temperature, subsidence, earthquakes, etc., the installation is often beyond its tolerances during the operation. The alignment is only known when you have just measured. You do not know what happened in the meanwhile and which effect it has had on the aligment. This causes vibration and noise in the coupling, but also in the motor and driven equipment. The Zytec contactless magnetic coupling takes away the cause of vibration and reduces the noise and vibration up to 80%.

The contact-free magnetic coupling is not a physical connection between the (electro) motor side and the driven side of the installatie.Tussen the conductor disc and the magnet rotor of the clutch is a large air gap. This has several advantages. Thus, there arise no vibration, which normally do arise when there is a displacement with other types of couplers. Alignment errors cause a pulsating axle load on both sides of the installation which results in vibrations. The contact-free magnetic coupling includes vibration alignment errors of the past. 

Vibrations which are not caused by alignment errors but which are caused by normal wear of bearings on both sides of the installation is not passed through the contact-free property of the magnetic coupling of the various components in the installation. As well as vibration caused by cavitation, or water hammer in pumping systems will be it by the contact-free nature of the couplings isolated from other parts in the installation.

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