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We are proud to present SEM Project Support B.V. as a new Zytec Certified Partner. It is a partner who mainly performs specialized activities in the maritime sector. Reliable rotating installations on board of a vessel are of vital importance.

We are very pleased to welcome EnerGQ as a new alliance of Zytec. EnerGQ adds with its energy monitoring and data analysis for the Zytec solutions with the contactless magnetic coupling.

We are very pleased to welcome SPIE Netherlands as a new Zytec Certified Partner. The management of SPIE Nederland and Zytec are convinced of a fruitful collaboration in a joint ambition to offer customers sustainable solutions with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

On Wednesday 31 May 2017, Zytec B.V. to the building next to the old building.

Our new address is:
Mercuriusstraat 18b, 3133 NL Vlaardingen

In May 2017, the Gemini Windmill Park opened one of the world's largest wind farms within its borders in the Netherlands. The park consists of 150 wind turbines, which are 85 kilometers off the coast near Groningen and supply electricity to 785,000 households. The park is 68 square kilometers.

The new website has been launched. Many new items have been added which include the Zytec Academy and the Zytec Partner Network. In the coming period, more and new items will follow. 

The magnetic coupling with ATEX certification

The elimination of the physical connection between the 2 Shafts has the benefit that time-consuming alignment is no longer necessary and that the transfer of vibrations almost disappears.