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The maritime industry is always moving. Therefore, there is little time and space for maintenance. A ship is stationary, costs money. System reliability is of great value, a disturbing factor is the so-called "Flexing", the ship literally moves with the waves. This creates many alignment problems in the various pumping systems, such as water pumps, HVAC, oil pumps and fuel pumps. The unique non-contact connection of a Zytec link provides a solution to these problems and increases system reliability. Some key benefits include: no alignment problems Reduction of vibration Reduce maintenance and wear Improving Reliability reducing energy consumption By applying the Zytec-couplings can be enormous savings on maintenance costs and time. Inductive couplings can function optimally ship systems and reduce the risk of premature wear and / or time-consuming maintenance.

Mining & Cement

The demand for raw materials is increasing. The mining industry must increasingly operate more efficiently in order to meet this demand while meeting strict environmental requirements. By using innovative technologies, the highest possible efficiency can be achieved, including mining through this modernization can be more energy efficient and sustainable proceed. Some key benefits include: Reception of shock, vibration or variations in load Less maintenance and wear costs Less down time no alignment problems reducing energy consumption By applying the Zytec link, not only this part of the system reduces the burden, including the equipment connected to it is precisely for applications with start-shock, vibration or variations in load. Due to the significant reduction in wear and tear of, e.g. bearings and seals is limited immediate failure and the maintenance frequency can be reduced.

Water & Wastewater

Transportation and water reuse is becoming increasingly important. A good steady water supply is both people and industry or state with the system reliability. The pump systems must always, and as efficiently as possible, to function. Use the links of Zytec can meet these demands. Some key benefits include: Reliability reducing maintenance No alignment problems, less wear on equipment No oversizing of pump needed. Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Even in countries where knowledge, maintenance and reliability are lower than average, Zytec can play an important role. By using the clutch systems are stable and will be spent less time and money on maintenance or replacement of equipment.


The petrochemical industry is at the forefront when it comes to technological developments. Besides the importance of continuity of production the environmental requirements of governments are becoming increasingly stringent. New regulation ensures that the cost continues to rise. Here the petrochemical industry should always keep going more into account. Some key benefits include: Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions Peak Load Reduction no alignment problems Less maintenance and wear costs less Downtime The importance of a properly functioning plant, with minimal maintenance and downtime, has always been one of the main components of this sector. Maintenance and downtime costs millions. By applying the Zytec-couplings can be saved on an annual basis tens of percent of energy and maintenance costs. By investing in the Zytec link can also be made an innovative step towards the environmental objectives of governments.

Pipeline & Storage Oil & Gas

Pipeline and Storage Facility systems must work quickly and accurately. Often under difficult conditions and / or in remote areas. Reliability under these conditions is essential because failure or a high frequency of maintenance can have profound implications for the overall process. Some key benefits include: increase reliability Also safe with little supervision no alignment problems Less maintenance and wear costs Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions The Zytec clutch sector can save a great deal of maintenance and energy costs. With a secure connection, even under low supervision systems will be more reliable, allowing the organization to operate more efficiently.

Paper & Pulp 

The paper and pulp industry is still important for the everyday needs, both business and private. The margins come under increasing pressure. Production must be as efficient as possible and has little room for mistakes or problems. Some key benefits include: Improving Reliability no alignment problems reducing vibrations Less maintenance and wear reducing energy consumption By applying the Zytec links in the paper and pulp mills can be saved considerably on maintenance and energy consumption. As a system, equipped with the Zytec link, more reliable and requires little maintenance, the plant could operate efficiently. 

HVAC Heating, ventilation and air conditioning 

HVAC ensure the proper climate control in hospitals, office buildings, sports centers and major public buildings. If the HVAC system is not functioning optimally, it may have a major impact on air quality. HVAC systems can cause a lot of vibration and noise, often by poor alignment. The lack of a mechanical connection with a Zytec coupling ensures that an incorrect alignment of motor load and has no influence on the operation. Also, vibration and transit of vibrations are virtually eliminated. Some key benefits include: Reduction of vibration and noise Less maintenance and wear no alignment problems Saving space Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions By installing the Zytec link in HVAC systems, these are stable and can be significantly saves on wear and maintenance. 


The Food Processing Industry uses many different systems. Conveyor belts, pumps, compressors and fans. In addition to a rigorous process is a high system reliability is essential. As one of these systems fails, this can result in a total shutdown. Some key benefits include: Increasing system reliability Less maintenance and wear costs reducing noise Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions Zytec can play an important role in the reduction of wear and maintenance costs. The Zytec coupling the noise of the system is also reduced considerably, since passage of vibrations are virtually eliminated. They may work more energy efficient and sustainable with innovative clutch.

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