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General benefits

The below described general benefits of the Zytec coupling is applicable on the F-TORQ, the A-TORQ and the V-TORQ.

Direct cost savings

The absence of a physical connection between the motor side of the installation and the driven side of the plant has several advantages compared to installation for which this connection may be made by a physical connection. In a general sense, the advantages can be divided into advantages of a mechanical nature and advantages of energetic nature. However, both types offer advantages for many, up til now, invisible benefits in your business.

Because there is a gap between the conductor and the magnet rotor, it is possible to do without (laser) alignment of the motor and the shaft on the driven side, with eyeballing, or with the help align simple measuring tools. Thus, all types of links can Zytec a misalignment of 1mm (cold) to 2mm hot absorb without negative consequences for all components and/or piping in the system.

Wear - Maintenance - Repair = Downtime (MTBF = Mean Time Between Failure) 
The absence of a physical connection and absorbing misalignment results in less pulsating load on the motor and the shaft on the driven side. This to the effect that there is less wear and tear on bearings on both sides and seals. In addition, vibrations, noise and shock loads thereby absorbed by the coupling. The service life of the components will go to the lifetime specified by the manufacturer for "normal open circuit". The Zytec Contactless Magnetic coupling also makes it a GAME CHANGER in the minds of the Circular Economy. As a result, the interval between scheduled maintenance and unexpected repaties of components and piping will increase. This will reduces system downtime occur and take the overall availability increasing. In other words, lower operating costs with higher output.

Energy saving 
The Zytec Contactless Magnetic coupling is particularly suitable to achieve your objectives in terms of energy saving measures. The F-TORQ coupling saves in pump systems which operate at a fixed speed standard 2 to 3% to electricity consumption. The A-TORQ link you can drastically reduce your electricity consumption in systems that operate on a fixed lower speed. And with V-TORQ you can through a fully automatic speed control follow the required capacity in your process and thus save up to more than 50% of electricity consumption. This technology is an alternative to the well-known valve (throttle) and inverter. Which is also easy can be applied in situations that at this time to technical - or economic reasons, not be feasible In addition, provide all the types of couplings, by the principle of the operation, of course, a "soft start" capability.


Invisible savings

Hidden potential energy savings 
All types of couplings can be used in a potentially explosive environment (ATEX), moist, warm and overage hazardous environments. Where it at this moment with alternative technologies is technically or economically not possible to realize energy savings. There is great potential hidden costs.

By the use of the non-contact magnetic coupling in your system is greatly reduced wear of rotating parts and pipe work. The service life of all components in your installation will increase. The interval between maintenance work and repairs will therefore decrease. Precautions to prevent leaks and will reduce cleaning environment in case of leakage. This simple fact results in less movement of people and equipment in your factory or plant. Less movement means, by definition, less risk of accidents. The cost of work permits, administration, management, materiel, and similar claims will therefore reduce.

Inventory spare parts 
Current installations require the limited lifespan of many different wear or damage sensitive components often a stock of spare parts and the associated space, administration and management. Because with the use of contactless magnetic clutches less or no load is harmful for wear - and damage sensitive components can reduce the level of stock drastically.

Time between failure and Reparative (MTTR = Mean Time To Repair) 
The current situation will often installations entails that critical parts of a plant that could be affected are too specific or costly to keep here in stock spare parts or spare parts. Resulting in situation with a break down of production all efforts and cost are made to get the parts. The advantage of the contactless magnetic coupling is that damages and repairs are reduced including collateral damage to other equipment. The savings are provided herewith are dependent on the nature of the business, and the local situation.

The reliability of technical installations is for employees and the environment of great importance. The level of measures and insurance is often tailored to the risk of accidents and impact on employees and the environment and any resulting claims. Through full application of contactless magnetic coupling increases the confidence level of plants and can therefore have a positive impact on these often costly measures and insurance premiums.

Circular economy 
The circular economy requires the manufacturing industry that there is no finite resource stocks are depleted, and residues are fully reused in the system. Besides the fact that the non-contact magnetic coupling, the service life of all components in a system to extend the number given by the respective components to manufacturers expected life, all types of links themselves are designed for a long life of at least 20 years.All parts in links can be reused. Zytec pursues the "No Waste" concept of ​​recycling after buying back the couplings after lifetime to re-use the materials.


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