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ATEX Compliance

In many companies, the presence of flammable substances can not be prevented. Safe operation of technical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres are a complex matter. Currently used fixed couplings must be installed within certain limits of alignment. This required alignment is between 0.05 mm and 0.10 mm. Desired is 0.05 mm. However in practice  0.1 mm is achievable. If the alignment is out of bounds the ATEX certification for the installation is not compliant anymore.

Out of bound alignment is in practice more rule than exception. Some causes are:

  • Thermal deformation
  • Structure prolapse foundation
  • Repositioning installation
  • Too many shims
  • Installation Error Expulsion
  • Electric Transmission Displacement pump by line voltage
  • Distortion steel frame by weight or torque load  

In a Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling alignment is no longer an issue and therefore always ATEX compliant concerning alignment.

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