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How to save cost and energy by a Zytec TORQ coupling?


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Fan with a Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling in a cooling tower.

With this cooling tower, the fluid coupling by the fan is replaced by a Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling. Previously every 2 years they had repair the fluid coupling to replace bearing, seals and oil. The Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling has no consumable parts and is therefore completely maintenance-free for 20+ years. The Mean Time Between Repair has gone from 2 years to 20+ years. A tenfold increase in the MTBR. In the video it had just rained that day, therefore a pool of water is visible under the coupling. You can see the start process of the fan with a motor that halfway switched to a higher speed. They use this to be able to cool at 2 levels.


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