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The invisible visible

Here you find movies which make the invisible visually with special cameras. These may be high-speed cameras, infrared cameras from 3D audio cameras.
You see the problems which occur in rotating equipment and that can be solved with the Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling. 


Vibrations in installations 

The left image is what we perceive with our eyes. The right image is taken with a special camera that reveals invisible vibrations.

Heat camera sees rotating equipment problems

With a heat camera you can see problems that can be solved with a contact-free magnetic coupling, such as bearing damage on motors, frequency inverters (VFD) that get too hot and therefore become unpredictable in the long term, V-belts that get hot, bearing damage to gearboxes, etc.


Vibrations on a ship and the effect on rotating equipment

Normally, alignment with rotating equipment is already an essential part. Normally on land 50% of the costs of rotating equipment comes from misalignment. This is even more extreme on ships. The American Navy has investigated that a US Sailor spend 29 days per year per pump on-board repairing bearings, seals and couplings directly attributed to misalignment of couplings. In the video below you can see why.
US Navy have reported up to 75% reduction in required maintenance for ship pumps after installing Contact-Free Magnetic Couplings.





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