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Solve Misalignment

Research has shown that an alignment beyond acceptable tolerances is the cause of up to 50% of all damage to rotating machine parts.

Misalignment means:

  • Early wear of bearings, seals, axles and couplings
  • High temperatures on bearings and coupling
  • Strong vibration
  • Loose siting screws
  • Breaking (or tearing) of axes on the inside
  • High power consumption

Only 7% of the machines are within acceptable tolerances. A survey by one of the world-leading rotary engine service organizations has shown that less than 10% of the 160 randomly chosen machines were aligned within acceptable tolerances. What about your installations?

All fixed couplings have an alignment specification of 0.1mm. By temperature exposures, subsidence, poor foundation, weak constructions, mobile units, etc. the alignment is often during use not within this specification. With the contact-free magnetic coupling alignment is no longer a relevant topic and alignment of the coupling is only done by eye-balling. Possible movements during operations have no effect anymore.

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