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Increase Reliability

An installation is more reliable because of its simplicity and robustness of the solution. The contact-free magnetic coupling eleminates the  cause of failure.

Save Energy & CO2

Applying the Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling you will save energy & CO2 which, until now, was not technically or economically feasible.

Increase Sustainability

The most sustainable solution is a solution that last forever, has no maintenance, prevents other related components and in the end is fully recyclable. This is what you can achieve by applying the Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling in your installations.

Reduce Cost

The cost of a product is a fraction of the total cost. Both visible and invisible costs must be taken into account evaluating a magnetic coupling solution.  The total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation results in projects with payback periods of less then 2 years and yields of more than 30%.


Reduce Maintenance

Connecting the motor by the contact-free coupling of to the rest of the installation reduces the wear to a minimum. The Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling is a mechanical component whose installation is easy and maintenance is minimum.

Improve Power Quality

A poor Power Quality is caused by the harmonic distortion caused by the use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). Harmonic distortion heats up the wires and eletronics. It results in voltage dips in the network and create inexplicable ghost failures in the total plant. The Zytec coupling is a clean speeds control without harmonics distortion. It is a mechanical solution in stead of an electronic solution and so more relliable.

Solve Misalignment

Research has shown that misalignment beyond acceptable tolerances is the cause of up to 50% of all damage to rotating machine parts. Only 7% of the machines are within acceptable tolerances. What about your installations?

Reduce Noise & Vibrations

All current fixed couplings have an aligment tollerance of 0.1 mm. By changes in temperature, subsidence, earthquakes, etc., the installation is often beyond its tolerances during the operation. This causes vibration and noise in the coupling, but also in the motor and driven equipment. The Zytec contact-free magnetic coupling takes away the cause of vibration and reduces the noise and vibration up to 80%.

Mechanical soft start

With the non-contact magnetic coupling, there is always a speed difference between the motor and the load side. This means there is when you start an installation with all Zytec couplings automatically you have a mechnical soft start of 1-2 seconds. The engine also does not come in harse. In combination with a starter relay, the soft start period can, if necessary, be extended even further (5, 10, 30, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc). This is a simple alternative solution with respect to an electric soft start with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Shock prevention

The contact-free contecting machines ensures that any shocks in the process (eg stones on a conveyor belt, or a stone in a pump) or are absorbed by with an external cause (eg driving, a jackhammer, explosion or an earthquake). The coupling is therefore not broken and the connected motor and pump, fan, compressor, generator or line either. The installation is therefore shock resistant and robust.

Overload protection

When a blockage of, for example, a pump or a conveyor belt, the fixed coupling receives a shock or impact. In case of a flow dip of the motor must be switched off. The contact-free magnetic coupling captures these shock and prevents the coupling from breaking in case of this error situation. A fixed coupling (claw, gear, pen, rubber or fluid coupling) normally breaks in such a situation.

HSE improvement

Less maintenance means less movements in production. The number of incidents and accidents will be reduced and the HSE (Health Safety & Environment) improve KPIs. In the event of an failure situation, the damage caused by the use of a contact-free magnetic coupling will be less.

ATEX Compliance

Fixed couplings have as ATEX directive to comply with 0,1mm alignment in use. However, this can not be guaranteed, because you do not know the alignment during use. There are many factors, including temperature differences, sagging and subsidence that affect it. In a Zytec coupling alignment is no longer an issue and does therefore always ATEX compliant.


By thinking out-of-the-box about the new possibilities that the contact-free magnetic coupling offers, we are also again and again surprised about the problems that can now be resolved suddenly.