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Zytec couplings can be ATEX certified

Zytec magnetic couplings can be provided with an ATEX certificate for their products. With this certification we show that we are aware of the safety measurements that are necessary to improve processes in all market segments.

Rotating equipment is often placed in ATEX restricted zones. Because of that, companies are using conventional methods for process control. Currently most of the systems use control valves, bypasses, modified pump impellers or VFD’s. Nearly all of these arrangements are energy consuming and could have unfavourable effects on the production process. Also some of these controls have limitations on scalability.

With the Zytec coupling we can adapt rotating equipment capacities to process demands. With the addition of ATEX certification, we hope to improve process control where the options were limited before.

Currently we can offer ATEX certification on our product range F-TORQ, A-TORQ and V-TORQ.

Standard benefits of the Zytec couplings:

  • Solving misalignment
  • Energy savings (till 50%)
  • Reduce vibrations (till 80%)
  • Easy installation
  • Applicable on existing equipment
  • Long lifespan > 20 years
  • Reduce wear of bearings & seals
  • Reduce maintenance
  • ATEX compliance

For more information about ATEX please contact the Zytec Certified Partners.


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