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EUR 2,8 billion Windmill Park Gemini equal to EUR 300 million of Zytec couplings

In May 2017, the Gemini Windmill Park opened one of the world's largest wind farms within its borders in the Netherlands. The park consists of 150 wind turbines, which are 85 kilometers off the coast near Groningen and supply electricity to 785,000 households. The park is 68 square kilometers. The construction of the wind farm involves an amount of EUR 2.8 billion. The energy production of the park leads to a CO2 reduction of 1,250 million kilograms.

In November 2016, four Zytec contactless magnetic couplings were installed in a cold-rolling mill which saved 1.1 million kWh per year with a payback period of 1,1 years. The four couplings have been installed on 75kW pump installations in 2 days. This means that 2,500 of these similar cases also save the amount of electricity equal to 785,000 households and 1,250 million kilograms of CO2. The investment is then only EUR 300 million and this will be returned within 1 year. Even if there is no wind.

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