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EnerGQ becomes Zytec Alliance

We are very pleased to welcome EnerGQ as a new alliance of Zytec. EnerGQ adds with its energy monitoring and data analysis for the Zytec solutions with the contactless magnetic coupling. By carrying out monitoring measurements for installation, the current energy consumption can be mapped out in detail during operation. After installation of the Zytec coupling, the energy savings can be precisely determined and the optimum of the other process parameters can be determined. This allows the complete installation to be set optimally energetically.

Furthermore, error situations or incipient defects can be detected early. Things like cavitation, vibrations, bearing damage, etc become visible and can be solved at the source with a Zytec coupling. We are convinced that together we can further shape our joint striving for solutions for the customer with the lowest total cost of ownership, the highest reliability, the lowest energy consumption, the lowest maintenance costs and the safest installations.

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