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Increase Reliability

Improving reliabilty is often priority number 1.  

Current installations are often performed with links that make a physical connection between the motor and driven side. But with automatic choke and control valves. There is often a by-pass in a pipe built to regulate the system. In recent years the digitization of systems and thus application of electronic components, hand over first. This development is the reliability of a system is not always better. Current fittings and electronic devices are susceptible to interference by nature, especially in industrial environments, the reliability and therefore does not improve system availability.

The contact-free magnetic coupling can make your installation simple very reliable. If you have your new system - or should redesign, you would many failure-prone components such as a bypass, control / damper, complicated physical couplings, fluid couplings and frequency converters can be omitted. Fewer parts, less maintenance, lower costs and better security.

An example when a customer has selected for its current business-critical refrigeration system to provide a contact-free magnetic coupling so that the overall reliability was so enlarged that he has decided not to implement this redundant system. This while if the refrigeration system fails, the total production comes to stand still.

An example is a customer who has chosen in a current business-critical fan to apply a contact-free magnetic coupling, thereby increasing the overall reliability. The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) has increased from 6 months to 6 years. If the fan is not repaired within 24 hours in the event of a repair or a malfunction, the total production is stopped. The risk of downtime was thus increased from 89% to 99%. The reliability is significantly increased.

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