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Industrial compressors have a high start/stop frequency and are often utilised with an VFD. At the start the installation experiences high loads and a electronically controlled soft start is applied. A compressor has jolting components in the system. A constant correct alignment of the stationary coupling assembly is of great importance. Reliability and thus a high degree of available compressed air needs on the other hand during operation to be very high. Downtime needs to be prevented because of the immidiately resulut in lack of compressed air. With the current fixed couplings and control systems it is not easy to ensure continious available air. Failing couplings, damage to components from vibration, space limited electronic speed control, electrical fault, remain a constant subject of inspection and maintenance.

The contact-free magnetic coupling can improve the reliability of a compressed air system to a large extent. Whether you chose for an VFD combined with an F-TORQ or whether you chode for a speed-regulating V-TORQ, you always chose for longer service life of many components in the system, increased MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and lower frequency inspection and maintenance. Therefore lower operating costs.

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