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The A-TORQ is an energy efficient Adjustable Speed Coupling. The A-TORQ is an Adjustable Speed Coupling designed to run pumps and fans at a reduced fixed speed. Research (Fraunhofer Institute 2012) shows that 75% of pump installations are over-sized. To compensate, a choke valve is incorporated to create a pre-calculated resistance. This is a waste of energy. With an contact-free magnetic coupling, the air gap between the magnet rotor and the inductor can be precisely controlled. As the gap increases, the interaction of the magnetic fields (Eddy Current) is reduced. Output speed can be regulated to reduce flow rate without requiring a choke valve. With the A-TORQ energy savings up to 50% are possible.

The ZYTEC A-TORQ is equipped with a patented Spacer™ to reduce the speed of the load mechanically without removing the coupling from the system. The A-TORQ can be easily adjusted after installation.

The A-Torq requires no laser alignment and is suitable for motors with a 7,5kW to 375 kW capacity. Like all Zytec couplings the A-TORQ significantly reduces problems associated with misalignment, vibrations and shock loading.

What are the benefits?

General Benefits

Click here for the general benefits applicable for all Zytec Contact-free Magnetic Couplings.

Specific Benefits of an A-TORQ

  • Energy saving

The specific advantage of an A-TORQ is the ability to reduce the speed of the load at a fixed level.  With the A-TORQ energy savings up til -50% are possible. You choose a A-TORQ for the energetical benefits, but for your Total Cost of Ownership calculation you must also take the mechanical benefits savings into account. 

How can you use it?

The magnetic coupling is the solution for many known problems which we have come to accept through time. It is no longer necessary to carry out expensive and often recurring shaft alignments and incur high costs through the damage that is caused by misalignment.

Each coupling is calculated for the specifications of the system. To be able to select the correct coupling we need to collect basic motor, load and ambient condition information about the installation. We also identify the objective of the installation of the Zytec coupling – torque limiting, energy saving, maintenance reduction, etc. By acquiring this information we can ensure that your system functions as efficiently and reliably as possible.

What are the costs?

Purchase, maintenance, repairs, energy wastage and the costs of (an unexpected) downtime are all part of the Cost of Ownership of your systems. The installation of the induction coupling results in reduced wear to both the motor and the load side: shock loads are dampened; damage from misalignment is eliminated; cold start-up problems are reduced/eliminated with torque ramping up from start; etc. all of which result in lower maintenance costs. The preventative maintenance schedule can be amended. The coupling itself has a rugged design and needs little maintenance. This all results in longer operational periods, certainly through the reduction of unplanned stoppages for repairs.

Using Zytec A-TORQ results in lower Total Cost of Ownership of your total installation. You will make immediate savings on the hidden costs. The visible costs will often be recovered within industries expected pay-back time. Each coupling is tailored according to your system specifications. The Zytec Certified Partners will be pleased to help you in selecting the correct coupling for your installation and calculating the total Cost of Ownership and the payback period.

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